Yellow fever wiping out monkeys

February 22, 2017

The worst yellow fever outbreak in decades is threating to wipe out monkeys in the Atlantic rainforest that are already close to extinction.

So far 400 monkeys have been found dead in the state of Espirito Santo.

At greatest risk is the muriqui monkey, Brazil’s largest primate and one of the planet’s 25 most-endangered species of primates.

The monkeys are vulnerable to yellow fever just like humans.  Humans can get vaccinated to protect us from the virus, but monkeys can’t.

Yellow fever is a viral disease found in tropical regions of Africa and the Americas that mainly affects humans and monkeys and is transmitted by the same type of mosquito that spreads dengue and the Zika virus.


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Oh no! Thats so sad:( I hope the monkeys stay safe...


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that is so sad ) : ) :


that is so sad we use to be monkeys aww


That soooooooooo sad I want to be the monkeys to save them now


I'm almost crying right now that's so sad monkeys 🐒 are my fav animal


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That is so sad! 🙁