World’s tallest wooden building coming to Wellington

August 13, 2017

The world’s tallest wooden building is coming to Wellington.

Property developer Sir Bob Jones is planning to build the unique building in the central city.

He says his building will look similar to other office blocks but its structural elements will be completely different – it’ll be made from compressed laminated timber.

The 12-storey building will be on the corner of Featherston St and Brandon St will be 52 metres high.

Fifteen hundred New Zealand pine trees will be used in its construction.

There are already taller timber buildings in countries like Canada and Norway, but they’re residential, not office blocks.

The office block is due to be completed next year.

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This is going to be amazing!!!
i'm so excited




I'll be amazing if it's finished!


its looks almost invisible


i like that the windows, the whole thing looks invisble


That Looks Cool


That is were I live


Wow! I'm so excited