World’s Strangest Flavours

November 6, 2015

Most of us like trying new things and new foods can be an exciting and delicious treat – but what happens when popular foods are mixed with unusual flavours?

Should companies keep trying to create new (and often strange) combinations of flavours or are some creations going too far? Check out the list of the most unusual food flavours found around the world…would you try these?


1. Yoghurt Pepsi – this Japanese creation has turned a popular fizzy drink into a yoghurt flavoured beverage.


2. Pizza and spaghetti slushee – like pizza? Like spaghetti? Then why not try a icy drink with these flavours?! Canada what were you thinking?


3. Pancake drink – another strange Japanese creation is a soda which tastes just like pancakes.


4. Fish Soup Chips – In China it’s perfectly normal to sit down and enjoy a packet of fish soup flavoured potato chips.


5. Mint and yoghurt Doritos – Dorito chips are a party favourite, most popular in cheese and salsa flavours. In Turkey they prefer their doritos mint and yoghurt flavoured.


6. Grilled corn Kit Kat – what if the famous Kit Kat wafers were not coated in chocolate but in  grilled corn? Sound tasty? The Japanese think so!


7. Peanut and jelly soda – if you like it on sandwiches, maybe you’ll like it in a bottle?


8. Liver flavoured bubblegum – who even came up with this?!


9. Peppermint Ant Lollipops – yes there are actually ants in the lollipop. Some believe that insects are a healthy addition to your diet.


10. Vegetable flavoured jelly – usually jelly is a sweet treat, so why would you want it to taste like all the vegetable you needed to suffer through to get your dessert?!



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what is wrong with the world? something major, obviously, if people eat that stuff!


i would never try the peppermint ant lollipops, why would you eat ANTS?


I've actually had pepermint ant lollies and they arn't half bad.


......................Wow liver flavored bubblegum sounds disgusting


Very creepy and sounds disgusting. blech. Seriously y liver. I'm gonna puke.


Ooh that is weird