World’s oldest twins turn 103

August 1, 2016

The world’s oldest male twins, Pieter and Paulus Langerock of Belgium, have turned 103.

The brothers, neither of whom ever married, have lived together for most of their lives.

To this day, they barely leave each other’s side, sharing a room at their nursing home just outside the Belgian town of Ghent.

While they sometimes regret not having had any children or grandchildren, they say they are each other’s best friends and celebrated their birthday on Friday with a glass of French red wine.

They have another two years to go to break the record of US brothers Glen and Dale Moyer, both of whom reached 105.

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This is hard to believe! But I really hope that they reach their goal!


Wow they are old


Wow thats old


wow that is so old


This is cool and it is nice to so brothers/siblings getting along with eachother


hopefully they reach 106


oh my, mum knows a person who is 99 and and i know a person whos 98


there drink wine
they look fancy and smart
they look like there only 80 or 90


This is cool. I hope they beat the world record.


hopefully they will reach 105