World’s largest pearl

August 25, 2016

A fisherman in the Philippines discovered the largest natural pearl in existence 10 years ago. But rather than tell anyone he kept it under his bed as a lucky charm.

It would have been kept a secret, but a fire burned most of his wooden shack.

The pearl, discovered off the coast of the Philippines, is about 30cm wide and 67cm long. It weighs 34kg and valued at about US$100 million (NZ$137m)!

He discovered it after he dropped his anchor, and he thought it hit a rock. He pulled his anchor up, and a shell containing the pearl was attached. He didn’t realise the significance of his find, and therefore told no one about it.

The pearl is currently on display at the Puerto Princesa City Hall.

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Is that even a pearl? I thought pearls were round, or at least round-ish...


If he wanted to keep it to himself as a secret, then why is it all over the news and why is it being displayed in a City Hall?! Gosh, he must have people charging over him with big deals just to get the pearl off him...


It is sort of ugly. It does NOT look like a pearl


luckly it was taken off him unless he was going 2 donate 2 charity i the hes greedy


wow! I am lighter than that. :]


Wow thats a GIGANTIC PEARL he must be very sad about his discovery when they took it away from him!


that is a huge pearl,Is that why it cost so much?