World’s first driverless passenger drone

February 11, 2018

Personal flying vehicles have been a sci-fi dream for decades, but one Chinese start-up appears to have actually built one.

The Ehang 184 is the world’s first driverless passenger drone.

It is described as the world’s first autonomous passenger aircraft and was this week on display at an expo in Tongxiang city in east China’s Zhejiang province.

The vehicle is capable of carrying one passenger for 40 kilometers in the air. So far, 1,000 orders have been taken.

Passengers simply get in, belt up and let the drone drive itself to where they need to be

This drone is being tested in southern China and can go at 100km per hour!

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So cool😀👍


The drone should be fine for the environment. It says the drone is electric. It also looks awesome and it must be amazing flying high above your house.

I don’t think it’s good the environment

I don’t think it is good for the environment and other things


that is so bad for the enviyement 🙁


thats a big problem 🙁


thats a big problem how mutch money do they need for the fuel


That is the best thing ever oh it mite peloot the ear so thats a big problem