Windows washers maybe fined

August 8, 2017

Car windscreen washers will be fined $150 under new legislation expected to pass through Parliament.

The Bill is the work of National’s Jami-Lee Ross, who says car-window washers have attacked motorists and threatened and intimidated the public.

Some Councils already have by-laws against it, but the Government argues this will give police more powers.

National, Labour, ACT and UnitedFuture supported Mr Ross’s amendment to the Land Transport Act.

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l'm not the bigist fan of windos wipers.because it scrach's the car


wow that's amazing news




I agree on this because the window washers expeact to be paid after they wash the windows with out even haveing permission to wash the windows


it's great news because if they wash my car, then i have to pay them. But now they won't and I don't have to waste my money anymore.