Week 5 Term 4 2017

November 12, 2017

Welcome to the Kiwi Kids Homework page for Week 5 of Term 4, 2017.

This page is designed to help you complete your weekly homework tasks. Just scroll down the page over the week and complete all the tasks that need to be completed.

This term the topic is OUR WORLD. We will look at continents, countries, world leaders and famous places that make up our amazing planet. We will finish this term with our own Amazing Race.

This week you must locate different countries that are in Europe.  Use the link below to find the countries and then name and colour as manay as possible on the map.

Over the course of this term you are going to complete activities to help you find out more about your world.


This week you need to read one article from the Kiwi Kids News website. You then need to fill in the boxes below.











This week you must record your score for the Kiwi Kids News Quiz.

The quiz is live on the website on Friday mornings. Remember that all of the questions for this quiz come from the Kiwi Kids News website so make sure you have spent a little time looking through the events this week.

To view the latest quiz CLICK HERE



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I love homework