Week 2 Term 1 2017

February 13, 2017

Welcome to the Kiwi Kids Homework page for Week 2 of Term 1, 2017.

This page is designed to help you complete your weekly homework tasks. Just scroll down the page over the week and complete all the tasks that need to be completed.

This term our focus is ‘My Life’ and we will be doing tasks and activities all about who you are and the important people and events in your life.



MY LIFE – Over the course of this term you are going to complete activities that tell your teacher a little about your life.

THIS WEEK’S TASK – Complete your Family Birthday Calendar.

Complete the following tasks to finish your birthday Calendar

  1. Find the birthday of all the people in your extended family.
  2. Write their names (or provide a picture) in the month their birthday falls. If you have space include the date as well.
  3. You could do the same with friends from school and colour code them differently to your family members.


To improve your fluency and vocabulary it is recommended that you read for 20 minutes each day.

Once you have completed your reading make sure that you record it in your homework booklet.


This week you must record your score for the Kiwi Kids News Quiz.

The quiz is live on the website on Friday mornings. Remember that all of the questions for this quiz come from the Kiwi Kids News website so make sure you have spent a little time looking through the events this week.

To view the latest quiz CLICK HERE


Each week you have to find five words from 5 different Kiwi Kids News articles. They should be words that you are not that familiar with.
WORD # 1 _____________________
WORD # 2 _____________________
WORD # 3 _____________________
WORD # 4 _____________________
WORD # 5 _____________________

Use the letters from the 5 words above to create 10 new words. You can use letters more than once. Place them in your homework booklet.

PUNCTUATION – Rewrite the following sentences using the correct punctuation and spelling.
1. New zealand has just celebrated waitangi Day
2. Bill Inglish is the Prime minster of New Zealand
3. The summer holidays are two long?
4. “Welcome to my class, said the techer at the start of the school year.


On the Kiwi Kids News website we sort our news under the following headings. Click on the links below to acces the latest articles.

National       World         Sport          Odd Stuff           Animals

Once you have read an article write the headline and a short description, including some facts and information, in your homework booklet.

Featured Article

This is published on Wednesday and can be found using link above. Once you have have the article you need to write in your homework booklet the following;
2. DO YOU AGREE WITH THE AUTHOR? Why or why not? Explain your point of view.

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