Waitakere Ranges to close due to Kauri Dieback

April 11, 2018

The Auckland Council has confirmed plans to close much of the Waitakere Ranges and high risk tracks in the Hunua Ranges to contain kauri dieback disease.

The parks will close by May 1 with some exceptions that are away from kauri ecosystems. There will be prioritised openings as tracks are upgraded.

Since the disease was discovered about 10 years ago, Auckland Council has invested in various management measures including track improvements, hygiene stations, targeted closures, surveillance and research across the Auckland region.

“Unfortunately, this hasn’t prevented the spread and incidence of the disease, particularly within the Waitākere Ranges, and it was clear that more radical action needed to be taken,” said environment and community committee chairwoman Penny Hulse.

Kauri dieback is well established in the Waitakere Ranges.

What is Kauri dieback?
Kauri dieback is a disease that affects the native Kauri tree. It is caused by a pathogen called Phytophthora agathidicida.

There is no cure for kauri dieback, and the disease kills most if not all the kauri it infects. It can be spread by just a pinhead of soil, and you can’t tell by looking whether a tree is infected or not. Kauri dieback is threatening kauri with extinction.

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