Vet saves slipper eating snake

April 11, 2018

A vet has saved a snake in Australia after it was found to have eaten a slipper.

The story goes that elderly Queensland man went to bed last week with his slippers under his bed. However, when he woke up in the morning he found only one of the slippers waiting for him.

When the man went looking for his slipper days later, he found it inside a snake.

The snake was taken to the veterinarian clinic so the serpent and slipper could be saved.

The vet took an X-ray, but could tell immediately the problem was that the snake had swallowed a shoe. Surgery was performed to remove the slipper.

The snake will spend the next several weeks in recovery before it goes on to hunt for other strange things to eat.

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Why would it eat the slipper anyway dud it look like a mouse or someting it sounds strange and i hope that it will recover well i hope 🤞 that it is the end of the shoe eating snake 😂 Next it might be a panda 🐼 or a bunny 🐰 or even a dog 🐶


Lucky the slipper came out of the snake.


how did the slipper tast ?


so interesting ^-^


hope snake recovers


Snake is so lucky to be alive


Lucky snake.


what in the world


that is crazy and ugly


Yeah, REALLY hungry snake maybe


This snake must be hungry maybe


How bizzare


ummm ok
this is not pleasent park at all


This article was interesting, but sad for the snake too.