Toilet turned into luxury home

April 9, 2014

An old seafront toilet in Norfolk that had been left to rot, has been bought and transformed into a two storey home by 56 year old builder, Nick.

Nick paid £104,000 at auction for the crumbling building and then spent another £85,000 renovating the toilet.

The toilet had been a seafront eyesore but Nick saw its potential and bought it as an anniversary present for his wife, Sue.

After 3 years worth of renovations, Sue and Nick now have their very own holiday home, known as the “Wee Retreat.”

Three years later it is a luxury two-storey holiday home – called “The Wee Retreat.”

Article written by  D Mulhern

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Wow! That guy really knows how to build something crazy! I mean, a toilet?!


Crazy Mazy!!


kinda cool but weird as well


Not going to live there


That is awesome!


Well I think that it was an crazy idea to actually make a toilet into a luxury home, but, you have to give that guy credit since he actually made it!


Made out of a TOILET!!! :0


This is just so incredible how he thought of an idea like this. And made it come true.