Tiger Attack Claims Woman's Life

September 21, 2015

A woman has died after a tiger attack at Hamilton zoo yesterday morning. It has been confirmed that the woman was a Hamilton zoo keeper and the fatal attack involved one of the male tigers Oz.

No statements have been released commenting on how the incident happened, or if the staff member was authorised to be in the enclosure. It is the first fatal attack of a staff member at Hamilton zoo by one of its own animals. The Zoo will remain closed until Thursday for investigations to be carried out and a blessing of the site to be undertaken. Quite obviously the staff members of the zoo and the whole of the extended Hamilton community are devastated by the incident.

As for the state of OZ, no comments have been made as to whether he would be put down or allowed to remain at the zoo. However he is safely contained in his enclosure with one of the older female tigers.


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do not put OZ down