Swift birds can fly for six months

October 25, 2013

Swifts birds are amazing.

Scientists have just found that alpine swifts spend more than six consecutive months in the air, not even resting after migrating to north Africa from Europe.

The scientists attached little GPS data loggers to three alpine swifts and left them fly with them for a year. The loggers recorded the birds’ acceleration and geographic location.

The measurements show that for 200 days, all three swifts remained airborne while migrating to and wintering in Africa.

The birds survive by eating airborne plankton, and almost certainly sleep while they are flying as well.

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Wierd type of bird o.O


Air plankton how would they catch it and sleeping, how would they not crash into a mountain or just stop flying altogether


that's a long time for one little bird to be flying! what if they got sleepy! these birds are amazing!!!!!!!!!!