Sugar is the new fat

May 30, 2016

Sugars they are hiding everywhere. You know those everyday products you buy at the supermarket like orange juice? Did you know that Keri orange juice, that’s supposed to have no added sugar, has 5 whole teaspoons of natural sugar? According to the World Health Association, a child should have no more than 7 teaspoons of sugar a day, but the American Health Association recommends no more than four. Take something like Just Right cereal, it has 7 teaspoons of sugar per recommended serving! So remember look out for hidden sugar in innocent looking products.

How much sugar an average person eats a day?
Now this might sound crazy but an average child eats as much as 32 teaspoons a day nearly over eight times the recommended amount. An average adult eats 19 teaspoons , twice their recommended amount which for a man is 9 teaspoons and 6 for a female. Some sugar is great though if you use it properly and you actually burn it off. we need sugar before we do active things otherwise we become tired and out of breath very fast. So small amounts of sugar can be good!

How products sugar levels affect us?
If we eat too much sugar in a day, we will excuse me, get big and fat. Sugar makes our teeth go rotten because the bad bacteria in our mouth can digest it very easily. Sugar is also linked to cancer which is a sickness that kills people all over the world. Sugar is almost as addictive as cigarettes according to some companies. Sugar is good for your skin though and your blood. So after reading this I have two questions for you. What do think the problem with sugar is? Do you think sugar is the new fat?

Article wrriten by Evan – Leamington School NZ

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That is mast crazy that can't be ture


Wow! Evan that is amazing good job


WOW i eat a lot of sugar


Hi I like your article


hi me and soccer is awesome are freinds and we both think that is really cool.


Where do you live? What's your address?


Hey Evan its Rory

Well done on your story it is the second best story I have read.

Soccer is awesome

This is the coolest thing I've ever heard.


Thanks Evan for searching all those facts for us I would never knew I had eaten that much sugar ever before. Our school were doing persausive writing about sugar is well this is a amazing writing that I found I could share it with my teacher now! There is a mistake inteed writing 'We' you wrote 'we' at the beginning of a sentence otherwise it AWESOME!


I consider this a very good article because of its clear focus, straightforward language, and the evident research behind it. Thank you, Evan,and thank you Shem.

Jane Catherine Severn

A well written article on a very important issue, Evan. Thanks for your research that helps us all to understand what we should be looking out for. If enough of us speak out on this we can hopefully get more sugar-free foods into supermarkets. Thankyou.