Sugar -The Additive Murderer

June 9, 2016

The sugar that we eat is a murderer. Studies show that in 2005 we ate roughly about 20 times more sugar than in the 1700’s, and, if that’s not bad enough the average American eats around 38.967 kgs of sugar a year. That’s just about my body weight, in sugar!

Fruit sugars or (fructose) are one of the best types of sugar because it gives you more energy than refined sugar and your body can’t get all the sugar out of the fruit so it’s not too bad. The sugar in milk, (unless added), is not great for you but milk is healthy with all of its, iron and vitamins. But it’s the refined sugar (not natural sugar) we should be worried about. Did you know that products that say “ No added sugar,” can have actually have sugar because it’s the natural sugar hiding. How much sugar do you think a 355 ml coke bottle has, 5 teaspoons, maybe 6 teaspoons? Well no it has 9 teaspoons, that’s over the recommended amount a day for adults.

Sugar is hiding everywhere! You might think that you know if a product has sugar, but some of them will have much, much, more that you think. Did you know that ⅔ of a supermarket’s products have sugar? Added sugar is hiding in things like cereal or juice. Did you know that the world health organisation recommends for adults and children to lower their sugar intake to 10% of the daily energy intake. Yet I don’t think anyone listens because in tomato sauce 1 out of 3 teaspoons is sugar and then people go and smother it all over their food.

Eating too much sugar can make you overweight. So when you eat sugar if your body can’t take more sugar it will store it as fat. Once refined sugar goes through you it can leave you tired. You don’t need to eat extra sugar to be up to your daily sugar intake. The American heart foundation recommends no more the 9.5 teaspoons of sugar a day. Did you know that there is a different recommend sugar amount for men, women and children. The American heart association recommends no more than 9 teaspoons of added sugar for men and 6 teaspoons of added sugar for women a day. According to a child from 4-8 years old should only eat 3 teaspoons of sugar a day.

Sugar is hiding everywhere. Most of the time we eat much more sugar than we think. Infact there are much lower recommendations than many people think.
So from reading this will you lower your daily sugar intake?
Has this information surprised you?

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that is a heap I am glad I do not eat sugar


I agree. Anyways, I don't drink much drinks that have alot of sugar in them.


sugar is yum but it is bad for our health.


no this hasn't suprised me at all sos


Make sure you don't eat and drink loads of sugar


Used to be addicted to sugar, gained about 15 more kgs than my age weight. Then cut it off completley. Sugar, Stop Before you start.


Kowhai that is a really bad idea. There should be less sugar in every thing so we do not die and we live a healthy lifestyle.


kowhai thats not sensible


Of course you don't😉


wow i really think that its alot of hydradion going into the sugars of the coke is int it amazeballs how much sugar is in coke wow


Well Canady man your name is sugar


sugar should be in every thing so we all die


i love sugar


Yeah I don't eat too much sugar


wow thats alot