Study shows men think they are brainier than women

April 9, 2018

A new study has found that men are more likely to overrate their own intelligence than women.

Researchers at Arizona State University asked biology students a series of questions about their academic ability.

The results showed that two-thirds of the male students rated themselves above average, while only 54 percent of women did.

Each student was also asked to compare their intelligence to the colleague they most closely worked with. Men were 3.2 times more likely to say they were smarter, regardless of their partner’s sex.

Of the 202 students questioned, 70 were men, 130 women and two identified as neither.

The research was published in journal Advances in Physiology Education.

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its kinda annoying how boys and men think their smarter then girls and women


Very interesting.
Gender equality is still a problem in the world.
Personally I dont consider myself smarter than all females but smarter than some becuase im an above average student.


Boys rule


Lady's are smarter than men


Doesn't matter about gender, but it is actually a fact that girls are smarter.
R.I.P. Boy's hopes and dreams.


Girls are smarter than boys


It doesn't even say that men think their smarter then women it says men think their smarter then the national average


No woman are smarter than man


This is very annoying to me about the fact that men think they are more dominant than women.


That's just sad. I thought men would have been more respectful


Its true Girls and women are smarter. Because my mum and dad had challenges


It doesn’t matter about gender




Hm, interesting.


No women are smarter than men


no woman are smarter