State of Emergency in Christchurch

February 16, 2017

A state of emergency has been declared in Christchurch due to the fires raging on the Port Hills. This now means the defence force can help fight the fires.

Overnight, the two main fires merged into one large blaze in excess of 1850 hectares and was growing.

450 Christchurch homes have been evacuated so far, which involves anything up to 1000 people having left their homes. Police are going door to door to evacuate people.

Fire crews on the ground worked through the night to protect properties.

Cashmere Primary School has closed for the day due to being close to the fires.

Christchurch civil defence controller Dave Adamson told Morning Report the weather forecast was not good for firefighting, with winds expected to develop this afternoon.

Civil Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee, who is heading to Christchurch, said the situation was “getting pretty serious”.

Eight homes have been burned down due the the fires.

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I think this is really sad because a lot of people had to flee their homes, and now many people who live in Christchurch are homeless because of a giant fire 🔥 😥😥 I really hope the fire goes out


This is terrible!


it is really sad


I think it is really sad. I hope everyone is alright.


This must be scary that is a big fire I would not like to be there I would be really scared.


its so sad, the blaze is now over 2075 hectares and it has claimed 8 houses! 😢 good luck guys👍🤞👌


Wow fire rages! #hugefireatchristchurch! Bad news!




this is very sad i hope all the people are safe and have new homes or places to live very sad!!!


That is really disappointing. I hope the people who owned those homes are alright! That must be a huge fire because loads of people have been evacuated from their homes. Maria


It is really sad that 450 homes have been evacuated and most of the people are now home less, some people have died as well.


I feel very sad for the people in Christchurch because the big fire is horting people.


It is so devastating to hear that people's homes are going to get burnt down and people are going to become homeless, I hope they can put out the fire soon and everybody is going to be safe 😥.


that is just sad


So sad


This news is really sad I feel bad for the people that are homeless and I really hope that the people are OK 👌


So bad. I wouldn't want to be there. I'd never recommend it to anyone at this time. 😔😔


It is so sad , I wish all the people in Christchurch are fine and safe


This news is really sad I really hope they are OK 👌


It's so sad , I wish all the people in Christchurch are fine and safe