‘Star Wars’ house sold

November 30, 2016

The “Star Wars” house in the Queensland rainforest has been sold in a secret last-minute deal just before it was due to go to auction.

Alkira, as it is known, was sold for an undisclosed amount.

The house has been on an off the market for three years. Asking prices over the three years had ranged between A$8 million and $14m (NZ$8.3m to $14.6m). But with the no reserve auction looming, interest had heightened to unprecedented levels.

The Star Wars house was designed two years ago by notable architect Charles Wright and has won numerous awards – it even made the final shortlist of the World Architecture Festival in 2014.

Wright designed it as a new sustainable tropical housing prototype for off-grid coastal locations. The concrete house appears to float in its own lake.

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That's a lovly lot of money
$8 million and $14m (NZ$8.3m to $14.6m).


woah that's alot of money


wow, I am such a fan of star wars imagine buying that house


Fan-tastic!!! wish i lived in that house.


not starwars 🙁