Squishies – The latest craze !

December 14, 2017

Soft, satisfying and soothing is the perfect way to describe squishies. These bright and colourful foam toys are perfect to buy for birthdays, Christmas or just a little something for yourself.

In case you haven’t quite caught up to speed with this a squishy is a collectable that comes in various shapes and size. It could be a combination of both character and food or separate. They are often used as a stress reliever.

So how do you play with them? Well, all you have to do is squeeze them and then watch them rise back into their original shape, over and over again!

People are certainly drawn to tactile stimulation, as our modern obsession with toys featuring slime, Orbeez, and kinetic sand clearly show. Squishies offer satisfaction with each squeeze.
For those boys reading this, don’t hesitate and think its just for girls as both boys and girls have been drawn to the craze. From 4 year old’s to 90 years old’s this is an essential to have nearby.

They’re cheap and affordable in fact you can buy them by CLICKING HERE for fair prices such as 10 for $20 or 20 for $40.

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I want one.


that is so cool


That is so cool a want one myself.i love them i am so in love with them.