Spotify hits 50 million users

March 19, 2017

Music streaming app Spotify has hit 50 million paying subscribers.

The music app has added 10 million new members in about five months.

The growth shows that many people are shifting from buying music outright to paying a fee for all-you-can-access tunes.

As more people have come on board, Spotify and Apple Music are emerging as the early leaders.

Apple Music has focused on heavy marketing and exclusives for hit albums. However, Spotify enjoys a price advantage thanks to its unique free, ad-supported tier.

Apple Music said it hit 20 million in December, adding 3 million subscribers in three months at that time.

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go spotify!


wow that is really cool well done spotify!!!


I use Spotify


good job spotify!


we shouldn't have to pay for spotify downloads but well done spotify.


Good on ya Spotify.


i'm going to download this app. it sounds cool