SpaceX launches world’s most powerful rocket

February 8, 2018

Rocket firm, SpaceX, has carried out the first-ever launch of its massive new rocket, called Falcon Heavy.

It was launched from Florida at 9:45am (NZtime) on Wednesday.

SpaceX is run by billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He is now the owner of the world’s most powerful operational rocket.

On board the rocket that’s now headed deeper into space is Musk’s personal Tesla (TSLA) roadster. At the wheel is a dummy dressed in a spacesuit, and the car is blaring David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” on an endless loop. Cameras on board the car showed it headed deeper into space. Musk plans to put the car into orbit around the sun.

Thousands of onlookers in Florida could be heard cheering on the company’s livestream, which was viewed by about 3 million people.

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nice car


Good on Musk, but I don't really see the point.


Wow that’s so cool and awesome


tesla lanched it