How do you solve a problem like Maria’s?

March 16, 2016

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I think she is not guilty she is just trying something that she wanted to do it is her business not anybody else


Kiwikids news states that comments will only be published if it has correct spelling and punctuation. A huge amount of comments here contain bad spelling, incorrect grammer and wrong punctuations. Why are they published??


Hey for everyone who says that Maria might not of known that the drug was banned , the tennis federation makes sure every player reads the rules. SO who knows? She might need glasses!


she is a cheater and i think




She migth of not known that it was baned?


She has only been a cheat for the 6 mouths that its been band.


she still is quite good at tennis though




the laws for the drug only came in six months ago so she could be able to stay in the competition but she could be lying.


it hasn't been banned until six months ago so she has only been breaking the rules for six months but most athletics that play by themselves try to get the advantage over the other person to win. So that means they could be training differently and lots of other things.


Yeah, but what about if she did know and is lying? If you were in her situation, you would try to stay in the compitition, right?


i know she`s cheating but the drug was not ban before Sharapova had it.


Even if the rules don't CLEARLY state, or actually STATE at all that it's cheating, I believe it still counts! You just know that what you're doing isn't fair, or right for everybody else. I still don't like what she did with the drugs, but I guess she shouldn't be called a cheat.


WOW! she is good I can't belive she won that I'm so suprized! I love her she is so good.I'm so happy she won.I love tennis it's so cool.


Marina Sharapova has been winning all these tournaments because she has been taking meldonium, which is a special drug that improves your

performance. It does this by letting your muscles breath more oxygen to let your muscles go for a long time without getting tired for a while. So this gives her a better advantage over her opponents in a match.


In my opinion i think there is no point in being good taking drugs and stuff to improve your performance i think you should be good naturally. If she is not good she should practise more or something. She took the drug because serena williams is too good for her someone has to lose someone has to win depends which side is stronger.

Supergirl Robbins

Maria wasn't cheating! Frowny face! 🙁


I don't think Marina Sharapova is cheating if she didn't know the drug was ban!

Between drugs and medicine I think that there can be a different's.

My point of view of sticking with the rules is being far and playing the game as spirit is good is well.

They should only be called a drug cheater if they know it is ban!

Players cheat sometime so they a lots of money and be famous.

If a my sporting hero was drug cheating I would be not happy!