Scientist claims computers don't improve learning

July 29, 2014

A computer scientist in California has raised concerns about the benefits of new technology in the classroom.

Kentaro Toyama, has warned there are no digital shortcuts to good education and has suggested that the mass roll-out of tablet devices does nothing to enhance traditional student performance.

More than 25 percent of New Zealand schools are endorsing that students should bring their own digital device.

Mr Toyama said various studies had shown that digital technology does not necessarily improve students’ performance.

“Those students did not do any better over the period in which the study was conducted, which was a year or two.

What do you think? Do computers help you learn?

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it helps a bit but not too much


our world is going in to the technology age we need to learn how to use the devises we will be handed.


what i disagree


I agree with that article. My sister is doing Reading Eggs but she couldn't learn anything and the time had gone like crazy... I didn't learn so much things by the internet. I forgot lots of things that I learnt on the computer. I always use paper book dictionary to learn some new words, it helped me a lot! I don't have Face book, Twitter, or something like that but I can live happily without that things. So I think we don't need the computers so much. But sometimes I need it...

Aquinas College

they don't help learn more it's just kids do work on them rather than do no work in books.


:/ im in a digital class an we use the computers for evrything...

Me myself and i

It DEPENDS what you use it for.


Yeah I think they work sometimes coz I've learnt a lot on them.


I think that sometimes it's helps us learn but sometimes not its hard to explain but that's what I think


I look up stuff on the internet and learn stuff all the time


This is wrong !!!!!!!


Of course they do, if we didn't have PC's then we wouldn't learn that well. Scientists don't get things right all the time.


What would be the use in EIT class I learn lots



Aquinas College



Sometimes they help me.


computers help me learn lots I need them to learn


I think that computers work fine with learning because I am a digital classroom and I have learnt lots and I think it also depends on what age you are at