Sausage dogs racing through Melbourne

September 24, 2015

Hundreds of fans lined up to see sausage dogs from across Melbourne put on their best costumes and compete in the city’s first dachshund race.

Over 50 dogs competed in the dachshund race in Southbank on Saturday, while many other dogs and their human owners watched from the sidelines.

The events were split into sections for mini, standard, old and disabled dachshunds. There was also a best dressed competition.

The organiser of the race Scott Highfield says dachshunds are more athletic than people think. “They’re really fast, especially the minis; the minis move faster than you think”.

As well as being in the running to win the main event, competitor Hayley Swanson’s dog Chilli won third place in the costume competition dressed as a biker, complete with a skull-and-bone painted helmet.

“We’ve been training her now for maybe a month,” Ms Swanson said. “We’ve been holding a pie, or little treat, on the back of the mini bike and we take off and she chases after us.”

Sadly, Chilli did not win gold, but her trainer says she has come a long way since embarking on a running career.

“The first time we tried to practise, she ran the wrong way, so we’re very proud of her for at least running the right way,” Ms Swanson said.

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