Satellite to measure pollution launched

October 17, 2017

A new satellite has been sent into space to help scientists study the Earth’s atmosphere.

Sentinel-5P was built in the UK and is part of a big project called Copernicus, which aims to help us understand what is happening to the Earth’s environment.

The project is named after the famous scientist Copernicus. He was one of the first people to suggest that the Earth revolved around the Sun, and not the other way around.
Sentinel is another word for a guard or soldier who must keep watch over something.

This is the sixth satellite in the programme to lift off! Another one called Sentinel-2A is studying how well the world’s food crops grow.
Sentinel-5P’s job is to find out about the levels of gasses like nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane in our atmosphere.
Scientists on Earth can then work out if the levels are dangerous or not.

The satellite weighs 820 kilograms – that’s like eight baby elephants – and it will orbit 804 kilometres above the Earth.

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Wow, hopefully this can really help us to stop pollution and become more green:D Because so many animals are dying😩


You know, the example of saying "it's like eight baby elephants", does not help. I have never felt the weight of a baby elephant, and I never plan to, unless I go on a trip to the safari and have an unfortunate accident.




How could that be true


this is good thanks for letting us know about this


Don't they already have things to measure how much there is?


yeah what Don't say my name said

Don't want to say my name

Less pollution = better life for people = happier everyone!


so true kat because it is so sad 🙁