Robot bees to swamp Mars

April 10, 2018

NASA has announced that it is giving funding to an exciting new project known as Marsbees.

The idea is that a swarm of robot bees will be released onto Mars to assess the terrain.

Because of their small size, the drones could cover lots of ground quicker than the Mars rover has been able to.

When their batteries get low, the swarm would fly back to a larger vehicle to charge up and download everything they’ve seen. They could then set off on another investigative flight.

The swarm will be able to carry out lots of different jobs, like taking readings and collecting data about temperature, or what gasses are in the air.

Before now, NASA has used satellites, probes and the Mars Rovers to explore the red planet. Scientists believe that Marsbees could change all that.

Flying about is much quicker than trying to drive over tough terrain, which the rovers have to do.

The project will bring together teams from Japan and America and will take some time to develop.

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does that mean we're going to live there one day?


Wow amazing!


impressive well done




this is just amazing


WOW! I read in a book that people could be sent to mars either in 2020 or 2024!


That's VERY impressive :O


that is cool


that is really cool :0)


living on Mars would be awesome


are we gonna start living on Mars in 2020? probably.