Prime Minster to appear in Vogue Magazine

December 10, 2017

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is set to feature in Vogue magazine, following in the footsteps of former US First Lady Michelle Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

An interview has already been done, a spokesperson for Ms Ardern said, and a photoshoot featuring all Kiwi designers will take place this weekend.

Ms Ardern will appear in the American edition of what’s been described as “fashion’s bible”, but not on the cover.

The magazine has never featured a female politician on its cover, although Ms Obama and Hillary Clinton both appeared as First Lady.

Ms Ardern gained worldwide attention during her election campaign, which saw Labour climb in the polls to win 36.9 percent of the vote come September 23.

Now, it seems, the international interest in the 37-year-old continues.

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That is so cool! I'm so glad that we have a prime minister that feels free to be herself and is a girl, as we haven't had a female prime minister for ages. Congratulations to her!


Congrats for her.


Good for her.