Polyfest 2017

March 16, 2017

The 42nd ASB Polyfest kicked off in Manukau yesterday.

The ASB Polyfest is a festival which features traditional music, dance, costume and speech from secondary school students. The festival is the largest Maori & Pacific Islands Festival in the world.

The numbers are impressive: More than 9000 students from 220 performance groups from 60 different schools around Auckland will be performing at the four-day event.

This year’s event theme is Nurturing Leadership Through Culture.

Students will perform songs and dances from the Cook Islands, Fijian, Tuvaluan, Filipino, Niuean, Chinese, Samoan, Maori, Thai, Japanese, Tongan, Sri Lankan and Indian cultures.

Mt Roskill Grammar School brings another first to the festival – this year entering Polyfest’s first ever Jamaican group.

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I was cherring on mt Roskill grammar asim from mt roskill primery school it was so cool at polyfest 🙂 and the haka+dances it was such a breth tayking event. 🙂




My Friend was in there for St Peter's go Bro


I went polyfest and thats all that matters


WOW SO AMAZING my friend went to polyfest with the grammar school