Peter Dunne quits parliament

August 21, 2017

Peter Dunne is standing down after 33 years as Ōhāriu’s MP.

Dunne has said he is retiring due to a “mood for change” in his electorate.
A recent poll showed Labour candidate Greg O’Connor 14 points ahead of Dunne.

Mr Dunne’s is the leader of the United Future party. The United Future Party – alongside ACT and the Māori Party – has been a support partner of National.

His announcement today follows a change in leadership for Labour, with Andrew Little stepping down in favour of Jacinda Ardern on 1 August, and Metiria Turei’s resignation as Green Party co-leader eight days later.

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is he part of national?


i think sad because hes giving up his permission to do that


Hi it is a bit sad


Parliment is the supreme legislative power in New Zealand. They hold the government accountable for actions, policies and spending. In New Zealand Parliment, there is the Sovereign (Queen of England represented by the Governor-General) and the house of representatives.


it's where people sit and decide the laws


What is parliament