Parking meters bring in $100,000 per day in big cities

February 13, 2019

On average $117,334 worth of fines are dished out each day across Auckland Wellington and Christchurch!

A Wellington driver was the most ticketed in New Zealand’s three largest cities, collected 149 parking fines in 2018, totalling $5855. The driver received a new ticket every two and a half days on average.

Drivers in Auckland were given 444,579 parking tickets in 2018, with a total value of $28,677,494.

In Wellington, 180,001 tickets were issued, worth $8,185,079, and in Christchurch there were 75,146 parking infringements, worth $5,964,609.

While most of the country’s worst parking offenders were yet to pay their 2018 fines, the Ministry of Justice has begun the process of debt collection.

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