Palmerston North breaks world scrum record

June 30, 2017

Palmerston North has broken the world record for most people in a scrum.

Karen Heaphy from the Palmerston North District Council was the organiser for the event which saw around 1700 crouch, touch, pause, and then break the world record for the biggest scrum in history.

The effort saw children from local schools joined by soldiers, teachers, locals and even 30 or so Lions fans who made the trip up especially to take part.

The existing Guinness World Record of 1565 people is held by the Japanese town of Fukuroi.

However, contenders from Ireland have beaten that total – though their effort has not yet been recognised by Guinness.

That meant Palmerston North’s effort had to top 1739 people in order to take out top spot.

In the end, 1758 people packed down, facing one another in two rows of two lines apiece, and engaged for about five seconds – smashing the existing record, and likely thwarting the Irish attempt.

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