NZ's Scientific Environmental Research Top Notch

March 27, 2015

New Zealand has had recent praise from one of the world’s leading scientific journals for exceptional Scientific Environmental Research.

The Magazine “Nature” singled out New Zealand as a leader in environmental science within the Asia Pacific region. It said that 30% of contributions on the environmental topics of question had came from New Zealand, with a vast majority of these contributions being published in top journals. The “Nature Index” produced also looked at specific organisations including the University of Otago which was ranked 91st among Asia Pacific institutions.

The importance New Zealand places on life sciences and the environment, rather than looking into advanced technology is why we rated so well on the scale. With a small population relative to the size of our country, it is exceptional that we can stand out so strongly in this area compared to other Asian Pacific Countries.

The ranking affects the potential for future research collaboration with countries in the European Area. This collaboration would have immense benefits for the New Zealand Economy. As it would drive investment into the private sector and enable world-leading scientific environmental research to advance and continue.

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