NZ First and Labour sign coalition agreement

October 25, 2017

Labour and New Zealand First have signed their coalition agreement, which contains significant policy gains for New Zealand First.

The policy wins for New Zealand First include keeping the age of superannuation at 65 and committing to re-entering Pike River Mine.

Mr Peters said he was happy with the deal New Zealand First had made.

Winston Peters will become Deputy Prime Minister once the new Government is sworn in on Thursday.

The coalition agreement was signed at Parliament this afternoon and has been released publicly.

Here’s some of what’s in the deal:

  • Pilot counsellors in all primary schools
  • Restore funding for gifted students
  • Offer free driver training to all secondary students
  • Restore funding for Computers in Homes
  • Restart the Te Kotahitanga teacher professional development initiative
  • Progressively increase the minimum wage to $20 an hour by 2020.
  • Free doctors’ visits for all under-14s.
  • Policies to stop non-resident foreigners from buying houses in New Zealand.
  • Superannuation eligibility to remain at 65.
  • Commit to re-entry to Pike River.
  • Investment in regional rail
  • Ensure work visas reflect genuine skill shortages and cut down on low quality international education courses
  • Introduce a Zero Carbon Act

Labour  signed a separate confidence and supply agreement with the Green party.

The Prime Minister-elect will announce the full line-up of ministers and their portfolios on Wednesday, and the new Government will be sworn in on Thursday.

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Its great there re entering the mine


I thought it was going to be national and NZ first


Driving is a privilege and teenagers should have to pay to drive.


i dont even know what it is


it should be national and nz first


wooooooooooooooooooooooooow I never thought that would happen!


labour is bad and national should of one in our opinion, they should not reentur the mine and because if it blows again, and they wont find out who's body's are who's


I didn't want Labour but they won so 😕


It's great that the new government is committed to the well-being of youth, the environment and jobs. As these are some important issues in these areas that need to be solved.


should have benn national.


I don't care who is prime minister is just as long as it's not Winston peters


yay us labours won and i am so happy and grateful for what they will do to change new zealand into a better place


We do need a new government


yas labour labour