North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump agree to meet

March 13, 2018

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump have agreed to have a meeting by the end of May.

At this stage, a venue has yet to be decided but the meeting is important because there have been many arguments between the USA and North Korea in the past.

Both men have been boasting about their country’s nuclear weapons, and calling each other names.

Mr Trump said the development was “great progress”.

Mr Kim said his country is “committed to de-nuclearisation”. This means that his country will halt all nuclear and missile tests.

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there acting like a bunch of babies


trump Has FAKE hair and Small fingers


this is good im afraid that the past will become the future and nuclear and missile testing no no no


trump always wants war


trunp always wants war!!!


It's good that having a meeting but a nuclear testing ground that's a bit to much.


I don't think they will agree peace


that is good


Lel me support kim jon un