No Sugary Drinks logo unveiled

October 12, 2016

The health group FIZZ has unveiled New Zealand’s first ‘no sugary drinks’ logo in Wellington yesterday.

It’s part of its aim to have a ‘sugary drink-free’ country by the year 2025.

Logo designer Bodo Lang says it will be used by schools, organisations and at events.

FIZZ hopes the logo will work similarly to “Smokefree” logo. When people see this logo displayed they will know only sugar-free drinks are available.

Sugary drinks are linked to a number of serious health problems including obesity, type-2 diabetes and rotten teeth.

The logo will soon be available on its website to download and use.

Who are FIZZ?
They are a group of researchers and public health doctors who have come together to advocate (support) for ending the sale of sugary drinks from New Zealand.

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I hope that there are going to be places where you can still buy sugary drinks, even though they do rot your teeth.


why are they called FIZZ isn't that what they want to get rid of?


uh no that aint happening at all supermarkets dairies and restraunts alike wont allow it at all cause it would lower there profitability and i hope this cause fails


Nooooooo! I hope I still can buy them in PAK'NSAVE!


no we need fizzy drinks dont take them away


Does anybody else get why in some shops water is more expensive than fizzy?


Sugary drinks should stay but either increase the price or sell them in few places


Sugary drinks don't even taste good.


That's amazing news especially because so many people are having teeth fall out and worse because of to much sugar in their drinks.


Wow this is soo cool and it is a great idea to help stop child obesity in NZ. Good on ya FIZZ!


I hope their cause succeeds, It would be better for all of NZ


That just sad to New Zealand people because some people loves Fizzy


I think that that great news


wow that's great I hope they achieve their goal I'm not a sugary drinker myself so that's great news


i do like sugary drinks but i dont like going to the dentist so i dont mind either way


really no fizzy drinks ? hope you can still by them in some places . but this is acthully a good thing because young kids like us are acthully dieing because of these drinks