New Zealand running out of fruit and vegetables

November 7, 2017

New Zealand’s supply of fresh fruit and vegetables is falling short of demand. Horticulture New Zealand is warning there could be shortages of this food in the future.

A combination of extreme weather events and the expansion of urban development into farm land has created the “perfect storm” for a fruit and vegetable supply shortage.

“Prime fruit and vegetable growing land is being squeezed by rapid growth in towns and cities and high demand for new housing,” Hort NZ chief executive Mike Chapman said.

“We need to future-proof the resources required to supply food to our growing population.”

A Hort NZ report showed that production levels are already below the levels of domestic consumption.

Mr Chapman said research showed that New Zealanders wanted to purchase homegrown products.

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the fruit my favorite fruit noooo


Better to have fruit than having meat


I love fruit!


I think that New Zealand should have more fruit and vegetable farms and less meat farms. Then we wouldn't have the fruit and veggie shortages 🙂




When I saw fruit and veg coming I wanted them to go, now that I see them going I want them to stay😕😂


Yum vege