New Zealand remembers Hone Heke

March 12, 2018

Official commemorations are being held this weekend in New Zealand to remember Hōne Heke cutting down the New Zealand flag and the beginning of the New Zealand Wars.

Sunday the 11th March marked 173 years since the New Zealand Wars broke out between the British and Māori.

Official commemorations were held in Northland, with Sunday focusing on the famous flagpole cut down by Hōne Heke.

The flagpole at Flagstaff Hill in the Bay of Islands was cut down three times by Māori upset with how they were being treated by the British. The fourth time it fell, in March 1845, war broke out.

Associate Māori Development Minister Willie Jackson says the work to bring Māori and Pākehā back together isn’t over.

Te Pūtake o te Riri is the first official event remembering the New Zealand Wars, taking place at Te Tii Marae at Waitangi.

The national commemoration will be hosted by a different iwi each year, with half of the yearly fund set aside for that event.

Hone Heke from Raysan kubaisi on Vimeo.

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