New Zealand plans to be predator free by 2050

July 27, 2016

New Zealand has set a goal of eliminating all non-native predators within 35 years in order to protect the country’s indigenous wildlife.

The clock is ticking for stoats, rats and possums, as Prime Minister John Key wants “every single part” of New Zealand to be free of the creatures by 2050.

Mr Key says the animals kill 25 million native birds each year, and getting rid of them will be “the most ambitious conservation project attempted anywhere in the world”.

The government is set to invest NZ$28m in a new company, Predator Free New Zealand Ltd.

While poison will play a part in some areas the government is also looking at technological advances to kill predators.

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Wow... I hope our Native birds will survive by then :/ because if we don't get rid of pests and predators now then lour birds might not survive until 2050 until then Sparrows might become endangered.


no stop this plz this is not wright if you kill the predators it is like killing the native du


sad but good i guess


It's sad the native birds are dying


It's sad the native birds are dying around New Zealand and the animals will just keep killing them


This is like 2 groups of animals, and you want to kill half to save the other half, but then why not just let there be two halves. Also,sure you think it is sad but it is also sad that they are killing the predators. Look up a baby possum, stoat, and weasel. They are ADORABLE.


but i think that it is sad that possums and rats are killing native birds i agree with john key nz should be predator free.


Guys, we are saving animals at the expense of others. We do kill more native birds then pests do, and I reckon that we should take a different approach. What happened to the Moa, guys? Look it up.


Why do this john key


Dont do this aminils are part of are world


Well, I don't agree because actually humans kill more native birds then predators, so maybe we could make NZ human free!




This is the greatest news ever because now we can keep our native animals


this is amazing


New Zealand must keep their native wildlife safe so I definitely agree with the idea of a new company to get rid of the predators that kill our native species. I'm wondering though, if this will change the balance of our food webs and the balance of what happens normally now.

Miss-Know -it-all

Go Mr.Key!
It's good that Mr.Key is trying his best for our unique wildlife. I also think it's not fair for all the animals that we call "predators". I mean we kill more of animals for making leather. Those animals also have to do something or they will die. Won't they?


with this hopefully the forests will sound like a actual forest in 2050


I agree with John key's plan it the best I've heard from him but my question is how much money it cost and how will happen by 2050


I love native birds. Also all sorts of animals. Even pests, because sometimes I think they are cute. But I think it's sad to hear that predators such as possums and rats are killing native birds. My opinion is the same's as John Key. To be predator free.


This is great!