New York lady leaves fortune to her cat

August 30, 2017

A wealthy Bronx, New York woman recently died and left part of her fortune to her beloved cats.

Ellen Frey-Wouter left $300,000 of her $3 million estate to ensure that Tiger and Troy would be properly cared for.

Dahlia Grizzle, Frey-Wouters’ former home health aide, now cares for Tiger. Grizzle said it was no surprise that Frey-Wouter left the cats with a generous sum.

β€œThe cats were like her babies,” Grizzle said.

This isn’t the first time a pet has been left and exorbitant amount of money by its owner.

In 2007, New York hotel heiress Leona Helmsley left $12 million to her dog, Trouble.

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This is kind of weird to leave money to a cat why not give it to someone ineed that needs money. Cats can't do anything with money


Why not give half of it to a charity?


Whhhhhhhyyyyyy! Waste of money


Why just why


No I wouldn't do that πŸ˜’


The article stated 3 million so they probably left the rest to family


But she could have spent it on family not the cat


Um guest who said that um no cats are babies and there cute of course i would do that to my cat. But you couldnt because you probaly dont have the money


Wait,so the dogs name is trouble


It is nice for that cat to become rich there is no way this is sad


It's so sweet


what will that cat do with that money? buy a ton of cat food?


Ithink that was very nice and sweet of her to give some of her fotune to her cats


I think that lady is very sweet and loved her cats very much


it is a wast of mony


Its nice she is giving some money to her cat most cats don't get stuff like that because people usally give it to relitives or there friends so I wouldn't be complaining people I bet you just wanted it for selfs #greedy people


i think this is really sweet now i want to do that for my cat & dog


GIVE THE MONEY TO STARVING CHILDREN. I love cats though and I have nothing against owners taking care of the beloved animals after their deaths.


that cat is richer than me


That is so Silly why would you just give away your money like that . I mean why not give your cats to some Relatives ?


Wow, this cat is defiantly gonna get well cared for. I think it is a good cause to give it to a cat; humans are spoilt


that's one pampered pet


Pets are well looked after these days.


Better than giving it to a human,I think. Humans are too spoilt


It is amazing to know that,people actually care for animals.That's a lot of money!