New underwater species in Croatian cave

November 28, 2016

30 new species of underwater species have been found in Croatia.

Scientists believe they’ve discovered 30 new species that have been hidden away in secret caves.

The team spent two years searching lakes hidden deep in caves in a Croatian national park in Dalmatia.

Amongst the finds are at least four new species of beetle, and a cave salamander – a creature that has no eyes but instead uses smell and touch to make its way around.

Other discoveries include this see-through translucent snail.

The scientists believe the caves could be home to more as yet undiscovered species and are continuing their exploration.

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Amazing! A whole 30 more species in this world that we have only just found now!!


Wow 30


wow this is amazing now we know about new animals


Holy Moly that is amazing WOW


I love new underwater species


I googled the see-through translucent snail its looks pretty and amazing I would love to have one as a pet but we still need to find out more about them