New Baby Rhino For Zoo

February 5, 2015

A very cute baby rhino has been born at Chester Zoo in England.

Born on Jan 31 at 08:15 in the morning, the female calf, which keepers have named Fara, is the offspring of 17-year-old Kitani and 15-year-old dad, Sammy.

Fara means ‘lovely’ or ‘joyful’ in African-Hausa.

The zookeepers said that both Fara and her mum were doing well, and are spending lots of time together.

In the wild there are thought to be less than 650 Eastern black rhinos remaining, pushing the species perilously close to extinction.

Numbers in Africa are decreasing quickly as a result of an increase in illegal poaching. This increase is fuelled by a global increase in demand for rhino horn to supply the traditional Asian medicine market.

The problem is being driven by the astonishing value of rhino horn, which is currently worth more per gram than gold.

Check out the video of Fara being born on the Science Section of Kiwi Kids!

Article written by Charlotte Cull 

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