National win 2014 Election

September 22, 2014

The National Party has comfortably won the 2014 General Election. 

In a victory bigger than 2011 they have won 61 seats in a 121 seat Parliament – a one seat majority.

John Key’s National Party have therefore secured enough seats to govern alone, however, they are expected to shore up support with an extra 4 extra votes  from minor parties. 

John Key said that he would talk with three smaller parties early this week. These include United Future’s Peter Dunne, ACT’s candidate David Seymour  and the Maori Party’s Te Ururoa Flavell.

John Key said that National’s victory was due to the economy holding up and voters having had six years of seeing what National does.

Winston Peters was the other big winner on the night, securing 8.8 percent of the vote and 11 MPs.

The Labour Party had a disastrous election failing to break 25% (24.6 percent) and has 32 MPs all up.

However, their leader David Cunliffe vowed to stay on, saying that he still believed there was a mood for change, and that he intended to lead the Labour Party in making it happen.

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Does it matter to kids???...


Yay national party won


I like how they were both happy <3


Yes!! They WON!!!!