Mt Etna erupts in Italy

March 21, 2017

Mount Etna in Italy has erupted.

Mount Etna is located on the on the island of Sicily and is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Thankfully, emergency services got everyone off the mountain safely with no serious injuries.

Lava flows mixed with steam had caused a huge explosion. Following that boiling rocks and steam were seen rising from the mountain.

The mountain had been erupting for the last three weeks and usually erupts a few times a year.

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Oh no! I hope the people are alright.




This is very bad News. Luckily Some people were at safety.


It's so sad that Earth has volcanoes. I wish they didn't exist, but then the dinosaurs might have been still here.


wow I hope every body is ok.


hi this cant be true if it is i'm so sad for my aunt in italy


i hope this is the last time it happends


I hope everyone is ok I love Italy


this is quite scary but i am glad that everyone was rescued in time.