Mosha the Elephant gets prosthetic leg

August 10, 2016

An Asian elephant who lost her leg in a landmine accident has received a new prosthetic leg.

Mosha was only seven months old when she lost her leg to a landmine at the Myanmar-Thailand border.

Mosha was a logging elephant. Use of elephants in logging has now ended in Thailand and India. But Myanmar still uses them. The government-owned logging company Myanma Timber Enterprise has approximately 3,000 elephants. There is also illegal logging that involves elephants, but the exact numbers of them – or any other particulars of such criminal operations – are unknown.

The Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation said many logging elephants like Mosha, get injured by land mines while working in remote forests.

Today, Mosha can feel happy being able to stand on all four limbs.

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How do you put one on


Oh no!!


Awesome I love elephants the are magestic animals


wow. must have been a bad injury to get that.


At least the elephant is okay.


That's sad and amazing at the same time.


I hope the elephant like the new leg.


I did not know elephants could have those legs


this is so amazing that the elephant can know walk again