Meet a Geep!

April 7, 2014

An Irish farmer has launched a competition to find a name for the rare offspring of a sheep and a goat born on his farm.

The strange creature, known as a geep or sometimes a shoat, is extremely unusual and rare, as most offspring don’t survive the birth.

Farmer, Paddy Murphy, uploaded a video of the new arrival and was surprised by the overwhelming interest on YouTube as the video went viral.

The animal was born late at night and it wasn’t until the following morning that Paddy noticed that the baby was a bit different.

He only has white-faced Cheviot sheep, and this newborn is all black. Paddy also noticed that it moved too quickly for a regular lamb, with very long legs, and that it had horns like a goat.

Paddy said he had spotted a goat mating with his sheep on the mountainside field but it is unusual for anything to come of it so he did not give it much thought.

The YouTube video uploaded by Paddy now has more than 16,000 hits.

Paddy hopes to raise money for a sick child in his village with the competition for the best name for the geep.

Article written by  D Mulhern

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They are kind of cute but unusual


cool!!! and Awesome!!!!!!!!! new sheep/goat


never sine one of them before


The geep is my favorite animal half goat half sheep!


will you try breed more or not


Goat and sheep together


Do you say "Geep" like a Jee-p, or like Gee-p? This is a very important question. Please answer this as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!


That is amazing that animals can crossbreed and make weird things.


That's so cool! Did you know that there's such thing as a liger? It's a lion and a tiger combined!


Geep's!There my favourite animal


that is weird