Matariki starts in New Zealand

June 27, 2017

This week is known as Matariki and marks the beginning of the Maori New Year.

Matariki is the name of the Pleiades star cluster and the season of its first rising in late May or early June, which is taken as the beginning of the Maori new year.

We have put together some resources especially for Matariki – CLICK HERE for cool resources and videos

Traditionally, it was a time for remembering the dead, and celebrating new life. In the 21st century, observing Matariki has become popular again. Heaven-bound kites, hot-air balloons and fireworks help mark the occasion.

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In our school last year we had a gigantic hangi but this year were just making soup


Matariki starts in New Zealand is pretty cool because I haven't seen the stars of matariki in...well all my life so wish me luck that I can see the stars of matariki.


matariki is the best festival i've been too.


Matariki is fun


best article ever


good matariki is my New Zealand is my good one in the world I like matariki. the seven stars are my fav


good matariki


what day was matariki


Best article ever. The only thing is I never ever get a chance to see the stars of matariki so yea but other then that best article ever.


best article ever


We're doing Matariki in our class, we're making a poster!


AWESOME artical


This is a great article! The only thing is that you may have to fix the 'CLICK HERE' button. Otherwise, this is great!


This is an awesome article 🙂
kind regards Cam