Manure sculpture made in Russia

March 14, 2017

An artist in Russia has made a giant rooster sculpture out of frozen manure.

Mikhail Bopposov completed the huge cockerel in Uolba, a village in the Sakha Republic (also known as Yakutia).

He completed the task despite being hampered by a leg injury which required surgery.

It was a team effort involving his brothers that ensured the piece was ready to be unveiled for Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rooster.

At 3.5m tall and more than 4m long, the statue is sturdy enough to stand on, thanks to the region’s freezing winter conditions.

Dung art is something of a speciality for Mr Bopposov, a former state farm worker. His previous work has included sculpting horses, a dragon and a snake out of manure. Last year, he turned his hand to a monkey scene that he said symbolised evolution.

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What happens if the manure melts??


This is so cool! I was born in the year of the monkey.