Mal's giant pumpkin

November 14, 2014

50 year old Mal Carter has grown a prize winning pumpkin that weighs more than 5 baby elephants!

Weighing 465kgs, a crane and wagon was required to transport the pumpkin to the York Maze Halloween Festival where it won the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth plaque.

Mal was proud to have won, saying that although he had been growing pumpkins for years- this was the biggest by far. His prize winner also won him £500.

However, Mal’s pumpkin isn’t the biggest pumpkin recorded. The UK record was set this month by Ian and Stuart Paton, their pumpkin weighing 654kgs, but the world record was set by Beni Meier with a 1054kg pumpkin!

Mal’s pumpkin has won the honour of being turned into Britain’s biggest pumpkin carving by 3D artist, Christian Russell. You could definitely make a lot of pumpkin pies with this!

Article written by D Mulhern

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A little odd i wonder how big the biggest pumpkin is


That's ssssooooo big


i could make 1million pumpkin soups with that


hmmm...... odd


WOW that's a big pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WOW that's a big pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that is one big pumpkin


Why is it so big and how long have you grow it for


OMG, that's so cool


That is one big punkin.


hahah cool i want one like that


thats the bigest pumken