Lets lower the voting age to 16

March 8, 2017

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I would love to be able to vote at age 16!

Hermione Granger

I think it's a silly idea. Besides, Harry, I think it seems far too young to vote. Even you don't understand what politics are!


16 year olds should be able to vote


cool i like it


Hermione most 16 year old know what politics are


I think they should be 16 to be able to vote


The author has made a very good point. Hermione, how could 16 yr olds not be 'responsible enough' if they can do all the following above? And one of the biggest sayings in statistics is, 'the more people there are, the better the stats.' that means that if there were 100 people voting, and there were 3 people competing, then what happens if all they all get the same amount of votes? (33) the stats wouldnt be correct. If 1000 voted, you can break it down easier, and there would be a bigger chance of finding the bigger number. Im sure 16 yr olds would be responsible enough to not vote for the worst person- they know that person could possibly have the country in its hands.


too young they should be 18


I say yes because in this article it says that "people under the age of 18 do not have the know enough about pollitics, but this is not allways true. So i vote yes

Ms Quinn (Harley Quinn)

i really cant decide, there is so many good points coming from each side that i personally cant choose??? but in my opinion it would probably be that we should lower the voting age from 18 down to 16. 🙂


They aren't responsible enough.


We think that 16 year olds should totally be able to vote!